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Gina's writing process

I write when I have a deadline. Or when my sweetie guilts me into it. Or when it seems fun. But, I do not write just out of an inner drive to write (except for journals, which is more like raw writing from the gut and has little to do with audience, unless an audience of 1 (myself) is considered legit.) I always imagined real authors to write from an inner drive, so I have my doubts of being anything more than a writer. Authors write books and books. Writers write little things, like emails, or blurbs on napkins.

I love to expound on what others have written, rather than create new things myself. When I do so, just to be silly, the pieces can turn out to be quite funny. Silly little kung fu stories or 5 paragraphs about a ladybug's hunger and eventual demise in an oil-slicked puddle. Funny stuff. But I'd rather write in company than alone, for I do not find the need to write stories merely for myself.

The End. -Gina
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