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Our First Post!

Hello friends. This is the first official post of the Marian E. Wright Writing Center Writer's Workshop. The purpose of this community is mentioned in the profile, but I'm going to talk a bit about it again here. At the Writing Center, we've been trying to get a writing group started for a while, but there have been difficulties with scheduling and what not. Our brilliant director, Jake, suggested that we make our writing available online, so here we are.

The idea of this community is to be a place where a writer can submit his/her work to a group of peers for review, criticism, feedback, etc. We like productive, constructive criticism- not just pats on the back, but don't be unnecessarily mean, either.

This community is grounded in Flint, MI- in our Writing Center, but that does not mean that it is limited to just Writing Center tutors, UM-Flint students, or Flint residents. We chose to set up shop on Live Journal because of its wide range of audience.

Though this space is primarily for writers to get feedback on works in progress, it is also a place for discussion about writing. As such, feel free to post general questions to the other members. Also, from time to time I (or someone else) will post a writing topic to help generate discussion. Participate! Write!

Our first topic will be: What is your writing process?

I hope you all enjoy.

ps- I'm going to do a test post or two, so... yeah. There will be those. Maybe.
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