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Night Disturbance

The telephone was ringing. 'Wake up. Quick - answer it!' Oh m'gawd - it was 3:23am. My hands were numb, I couldn't feel the phone or press the button to turn it on. Finally - I got it.

"Hello" half a greeting, half a question.

"Hello, this the the township police department."

Terror struck straight through to the pit of my stomach, "Yes".

"Have you spoken to your neighbor, Mam?"

"To my neighbor?" confusion swirled around my head.

"Yes, apparently the front door to you house was wide open, and your dog was out in the neighborhood. One of your neighbors saw the door open and when he approached the house your dog went back inside. The neighbor called but no one answered so he closed the door and called us."

I stumbled out of my room and down the stairs, "Everything looks OK, the dog is right here and the door is closed".

"Yes, Mam. We have an officer on his way over to check out the house and make sure you are okay." (I hate being called Mam - makes me feel about a hundred years old!)

"I am sure we are fine - it was probably just that the wind blew the door open." I was really hoping she would just call the car back to the station, I didn't want to see anyone at my door at 3:30 in the morning, my hair messed up and in my hot pink "Lick you all over $.10" sleep shirt.

"The officers will be happy to help you check the house so you know you are safe, mam. They should be pulling in your driveway any minute now."

"Okay thank you." God I had to pee in the worst way, and find a robe to throw on over that sleep shirt! I couldn't very well answer the door doing the pee pee dance wearing that!

Quick - ran to the bathroom - dashed up the stairs and grabbed my robe - ran back down the stairs just as the cops pulled in the driveway. Not one car, but two of our finest men in uniform came by to make sure we were OK. I can't remember being more embarrassed....I am sure I have been, but I can't remember it.
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